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PS4 Skins, Xbox One Cover & Nintendo Switch Sticker

PS4 Skins, Xbox One Cover & Nintendo Switch Sticker

When it comes to customizing or personalizing your beloved console you got many different choices. You could use sticker, skins or hard cover in order to give your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One a special look. The most popular are normal sticker, which are coming in so many different variations. Its incredibly difficult to pick the best one, because there are too many different available. Check out Xesero’s huge selection of skins, cover and sticker for every console on the market.

The PS4 skins and Xbox One sticker won’t only look awesome on your console, but also protects it against any kind of damage. However it comes to scratches, bumps or other damages, it prevent your console to get any damage. Apply the stickers is very easy. A step by step guide on how to use them is included. If you ever want to remove the sticker or simply want to put a new one on your console you can easily remove it and it won’t leave any marks on your console.

They are not only providing sticker and skins for the latest consoles like the PS4 Pro or Xbox One X, but also for the older generation like the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PS Vita, PSP or the Nintendo 3DS. Basically you can find anything for your console on Xesero. There is no limit. If you are looking for cheap PS4 and Xbox One controller you will definitely find your favorite one and also including different protection like shells for the controller.

For PC gamer it gets very special. It is the heaven for every professional and hobby gamer, because you can find cheap but professional looking gaming keyboards and gaming mouses. It is the ultimate gaming shop for gamer all over the world. Extremely huge inventory of the latest and most popular gaming equipment.

PC gaming is so much more than just a hobby. It is a lifestyle! When it comes to gaming you will find a very huge community in all kinda genres. Not only when it comes to games like FIFA, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Minecraft or other popular games, but also when it comes to retro games. People still love old consoles like Atari, Super Nintendo or the Gameboy Color. The passion for these games and consoles will never fade away. It is the opposite: gaming will always evolve and improve. The latest improvement you can see on the PlayStation VR or Oculus. It brings gaming to a whole new level. More passion, more fun and new games. Now you are in the game instead of outside.

Download the FIFA 18 Coin Generator for PC

Download the FIFA 18 Coin Generator for PC

Getting free FIFA 18 coins and points can be really hard for some gamer, but for others it is extremely easy. What is their secret and how did they found out about the FIFA 18 hack?


FIFA 18 Hack


Here is a short summary of the FIFA 18 coins hack:

  • It works on all consoles, PC and smartphones
  • You only need a working Internet connection
  • There is no limit on how often you can use it
  • Use it for yourself, family or friends
  • The developer are working hard every day and release new updates almost daily
  • The free FIFA 18 coins will receive on your account a few minutes after the process is done
  • It is the easiest method to cheat the game

In the history of Ultimate Team there has always be hacks, generator and cheats. It started on FUT 13, when EA decided to transform FUT into a pay-to-win game. At this time there were still many bugs in this mode. They literally tried to develop it as much as possible every single year. Developing and coding a lot also means there are many bugs and other loopholes left. It was a great chance for hacker, devs and other coder from all around the world to take this opportunity and create a full working FIFA 18 coin generator, which works on all consoles. It is not only a chance for every ambitious gamer, but also for everyone who ever tried to get a great team without having to spend lots of cash. The FIFA 18 hack literally gives you the opportunity to add free FIFA 18 coins and points on your Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or PC without any human verification and no survey required. You don’t need to jailbreak or root any devices. Open the website directly from your smartphone, tablet or PC, enter your username, choose the platform you play on and enter the amount of FUT 18 free coins and points you want  to generate on your specific account.

free Fifa 18 coins

We strongly recommend you to start low and get higher every other day. This will guarantee the stability of your account. There won’t be any risk for you of getting banned in the game, which is the most important in our opinion. For too long player were afraid of getting their account suspended, because they were buying coins from so called “coin seller”. It doesn’t have to be this way. If you are doing it slowly and with a decent velocity you won’t face any risk. 

The FIFA 18 hack, cheats and tipps and tricks are another great way to cheat FUT 18 on every console. This year the games gets even more into eSports by using game modes like the Champions Cup or Weekend League. Championships, Tournaments and World Cups are hold every year, where the best player are facing each other. Everyone is playing with their best team. Having a strong team is absolutely necessary for you to become better and better, so it is very smart to use the FIFA 18 coins hack as soon as possible.

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